The TARDIS (Transport Analysis Reporting Data Information System) Collection

Newcastle Web Stats (NWS)

Provides access to a range of transport statistics mapped on Google Maps

This site provides a broad range of transport statistics and is fully compatible with modern browsers

January 2021: The latest version that includes better support for tablets, smart phones and the monitoring of Covid-19
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AutoBingGis10 (ABG10) a Windows 10 App

This App exploits the flexibility of Windows 10 and Bing Maps to present transport statistics

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The Newcastle original TARDIS WebSite

Provides access to a range of transport statistics mapped on Bing Maps

This is a Legacy Website and may stop functioning at any time. The site only operates using Internet Explorer (IE) or IE mode within Edge ( click "..." in the top right corner then "Reload in Internet Explorer mode") and requires the Silverlight plugin. The plugin is no longer available from Microsoft, but may be downloaded and installed first from the link below. Automatica believes this link is safe, but the user of this link MUST take responsibility that their environment has the latest security software installed and that installing such software meets their own organisations policies. However your security system might block installing the file in which case please take advice. In addition only Open Street mapping is available via the configuration button.

Silverlight Download.
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TARDIS videos

A series of demonstration videos

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Realtime data used in ABG10 and NWS

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